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ZOOMLION ZT105 kamiao fanariam-pako eny an-dalana


Product Introduction

The frame is a riveted frame, and the longitudinal beam is riveted with 12+12 double-layer superimposed 

groove-shaped bending plates and 6 cross beams; the main advantages are good forming technology, good 

deformation design adaptation, and suitable for mass production. The material is upgraded from 510L to 610L, 

with better fatigue resistance. It has adopted the computer aided design and finite element optimization 


The front suspension of the ZT105 mining dump truck adopts a dependent suspension, with reliable wheel 

positioning, stable and comfortable driving. The front axle adopts hydro-pneumatic and multi-link mechanism 

suspension, which is more comfortable. The middle and rear axles are connected to the frame through leaf 

springs, which can adapt to changes in load and road conditions and have high reliability.


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