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ʻO Rotary Drilling Rig SR365R W10


Hana maikaʻi:  Large displacement, high power main pump, system flow can be well distributed by priority control technology to achieve strong output of the actuator, and the compound action is excellent.
Economical and energy saving:  By collecting big data, the average comprehensive fuel consumption is lower than that of similar models in the industry.
Hilinaʻi kiʻekiʻe:  The whole machine design standard is high, the design life of structural parts > 20,000 hours.
The sixth generation of Kelly bar:  Integrated locking device, upgraded material, reinforced ring and other design, increase strength by 25%.
Full casing construction method:  Has half and full pressure stroke; 9 meters half stroke suitable for multistage combined casing drilling construction and 18 meters full stroke targeted at the soft formation of single section ultra-long casing construction.
Innovative Technology:
1) HD touch screen, refresh frequency 3ms, no visual delay.
2) The display function of the locking device can accurately display and guide the locking and unlocking of the Kelly bar locking device, which reduces the wear and eliminates the accident.
3) Roller bit auto drilling function:  Set the speed of rotary drive to realize automatic drilling.
4) Wire rope pre-tensioning technology: The pre-tensioning force is always applied on the main rope to avoid random rope and twisting.
Convenient maintenance:  Automatic centralized lubrication and combined counterweight, reduce dismantling time and improves transfer efficiency


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