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Rotary Drilling Rig SR155 C10


High efficiency and flexibility: Suitable for the construction of small and medium-sized soil layer boreholes. High main winch lifting speed and boreholes verticality, flexible operation, working efficiency higher than similar models of competitor by15%.
Economical fuel saving: Using power optimization control technology, real-time adjustment of power distribution, quick response, high fuel efficiency, comprehensive energy saving by10% to 15%.
Babban abin dogaro: The mast adopts box structure with strong resistance to torsion and fatigue; sixth generation kellybar adopting upgraded material and strengthened block ring, the overall strength increased by 25% with high drilling ability in strongly weathered rock layer.
Convenient transportation: The whole machine size is small, only 48T in weight, barrier free in city transportation and meet height limit.
Haɓakawa na hankali: 10-inch HD touch screen, fast response and more convenient operation.

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Rotary Drilling Rig  SR155 C10 副本

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