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Trucail Dumpála SYZ422C-8S(V)



◆ Fast transmission and HanDe axle constitute the golden power chain, the climbing performance is improved by 5% and the fuel consumption is reduced by 3%.
◆ Developed by German DEUTZ and SANY Heavy Industry, German quality, specially designed for heavy load operation, three-year warranty period
◆ FAST helical gear transmission, standard 2400 N.m torque, higher transmission efficiency, more stable output efficiency
◆ The standard 16T HanDe cast steel axles , good waterproof performance, long maintenance period
◆ SANY pump truck patented steel technology for chassis and leaf spring, the bearing performance is improved by 10% 

SÁBHÁILTE & compordach
◆ SCANIA technology cabin body, large space, luxury interior, the integration of driving and entertainment
◆ Integrally stamped and formed cabin frame, meet the European certification of positive impact and top pressure inspection

Cumraíochtaí SAINTRÉITHE

◆ Excellent chassis trafficability, high ground clearance
◆ The water tank installation position is reserved on the left side of the truck, the maximum length is up to two meters


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