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ZOOMLION kaivoskoneet

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ZOOMLION ZT118 kaivoskippiauto


Product Introduction

High efficiency & Fuel saving: Optimum power system:

(1) MT: YC6K480-GT30/YC6K520-GT30/YC6K560-GT30 + FAST 8DS260 manual transmission;   

(2) AT: YC6K520-GT30 + FC automatic transmission.

Reliability & Safety: Hydraulic Retarder, Engine Cylinder Braking Technology & Dual circuit braking system; High strength full penetration welding box-type  enlarged cross-section frame; Ceramic pull clutch; Front, middle and rear hydropneumatic suspensions; High strength wear-resistant U-shaped body; New  generation axle of the axle package shaft; Aluminum alloy brake air reservoir; Thermal barrier exhaust pipe.

Driving comfort: Full Hydraulic Steering System; Wide-body cab of mine; Adjustable damping driver seat; Composite floor structure composed of thickened  steel plate and rubber sponge; Multimedia-one computer has the functions of radio, Bluetooth, GPS, reversing image and USB expansion.


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