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Mineral prozesatzeko erreaktiboak hornitzea

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Egiturazko formula:C10H17OH
Ezaugarriak: The chemical property of the product is stable and the storage period is long. Light yellow to tan oily transparent liquid, density (20℃) 0.900, combustible, insoluble in water, viscosity increases in air and gas, and it will decompose in case of acid or heat, thus reducing beneficiation performance.
Helburua: It is mainly used as frother for flotation of nonferrous metals and rare metal minerals. It can also be used as solvent for paint industry and penetrant for textile industry.
Specification: Conform to YS / T32-2011 standard, the content of monohydric alcohol is more than 44%.
Enbalatzeko: Packed in closed steel drum with net weight of 190kg; packed in closed large plastic drum with net weight of 190kg. If the customer has special requirements for quality and packaging, it can be carried out according to the technical indicators or packaging documents specified in the agreement.
Biltegiratzea eta Garraioa: Products should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, moisture-proof, fire, anti exposure.