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ZOOMLION ZE700G Mining Excavator


ZOOMLION ZE700G Mining Excavator

Product Introduction

Using internationally renowned brand engines, meeting National-III standards of emission, matching with Zoomlion’ s customized hydraulic  system and advanced ESI electronic control system, realizing over loading and economic dual-mode stable work, dual-mode flexible  switching, economic mode fuel consumption reduced by 12%.

Using mine-specific extended and widened chassis, high-torque, long-life walking reducer, to meet various mining conditions.

The cab is equipped with enhanced protective cover, rear-view and side-view camera as to fully ensure the safety of operation.

The 8-inch large-screen display and the new human-computer interaction operating system are equipped, which have rich functions, easy  operation and can improve work efficiency.

Maintenance is more convenient: Modular design is adopted to meet one-stop inspection; standard automatic lubrication guarantee  system; long-term hydraulic oil is selected, and double the replacement cycle.



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