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Хидравличен грайфер SH700 H11


Мощен:  The working device has large weight and maximum impact power, and can be constructed in strongly weathered rock strata within 10MPa.
Бърз: The opening and closing time of the bucket is only 9 seconds, and the efficiency of soil catching, slag collecting and unloading is higher. Winch adopts synchronous confluence technology with the fastest speed.
Прав:  Adopt the dynamic real-time detection technology of gyroscope to adjust the deviation of the gantry push plate in real time, and the perpendicularity of the groove can reach 1‰.
Стабилен:  Professional large gauge chassis, reduce rapid impact and shake, improve construction safety.
Дълбок:  The construction depth is 80 meters, covering more than 90% of underground support projects, and the quality of grooves deeper than 60 meters is higher.
Икономичен:  The main winch adopts single-layer large drum, the wire rope has longer service life.
Удобен:  It is equipped with electric centralized lubrication system and hydraulic quick change joint to improve the convenience of disassembly, installation and maintenance.
Intelligent: Professional operating system, real-time display of drilling situation.


Hydraulic Grab  SH700  H11 副本

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