ሁሉም ምድቦች
ZMS1860 እ.ኤ.አ.
ZMS1860 እ.ኤ.አ.

ZOOMLION ZMS1860 የሞባይል ማያ ማዕድን ማሽነሪዎች


የምርት መግቢያ

Modularized assembly technology facilitates transport and maintenance.

Vibrating screen is made of high-strength steel plate, connected by ring-shaped rivet, which ensures steady and reliably working. The  equipment is driven by two-sided high-power motors with a large amplitude and high screening efficiency.

The smart control systems of ZMS1860 mobile screen has the function of One-button process start & stop, remote real-time diagnostics &  easy process optimization.

All the conveyors can be folded which facilitates transport.

The ZMS1860 mobile screen is equipped with load-sensitive hydraulic control system, which has the advantages of low caloric value, less  power loss, accurate and safe control.

The core components are provided by industry-leading manufacturers which guarantees the reliability of ZMS1860 mobile screen.




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