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40t ሻካራ መሬት ክሬን SRC400C1


-Environment friendly and energy saving
New dual working mode of superstructure and carrier
Dual working mode of engine
Reducing of noise, oil and heat consumption
Top class working speed

-Precise control
Electrical proportional joystick: quick reaction in 5ms, providing smooth operation of start and stop
Joystick stroke can be adjusted from 0%-100% such that the loading can be as precise as mm level.
Smart flow distribution system, which is initial of flow branching and merging method and improved the mircomobility.

-Advanced design method
FEA and verification testing

-Smart system
10.4 inch touchscreen and multifunctional CAN-BUS panel, which is smarter and more comfortable.
With the visual instrument, human-computer interaction technology and the fault diagnosis system, the operation of crane is much more convenient.


rough-terrain crane SRC400C1 副本

እንደዚህ አይነት ወይም ተመሳሳይ ምርቶች ከፈለጉ እባክዎን ያነጋግሩን, ለመተባበር በጣም ጥሩ ሁኔታዎችን እናቀርባለን.

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